kuroi’s falling head over heels in love post ♥:

Shin Ha Kyun’s Unbearable Cuteness From ‘All About My Romance

All about my romance has finally came to an end…thankfully and as I have always expected, it has a happy ending, making me smile even till the final moment of it :) But the feeling of sadness is there too, since there will be no more adorkable-ness of Shin Ha-kyun as Kim Soo-young that I can anticipate every week like before, sobbing forever~



Brain (브레인) - I Love Him to Death [MV] 

Amazing fanmade music video of our Hot Tension Couple made by my friend anne on the Soompi forums. This one incorporates their scenes from episodes 1-6. 

Ugh, Kang Hoon and Ji Hye have never looked so beautiful. The coloring, the effects, the transitions… THE SONG. Oh man. Everything… Perfect. It kinda makes me wanna go back and watch these eps again. LOL. 

Koi Cafe [Tokubetsu Sosa ★ Mitchaku 24 Ji (Metro PD Close to You)] - Shusuke Asano Illustration 01

「……you belong to me」- Shusuke

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