Went to watch The Phantom of the Opera Musical with my friends today (; The VIP seats which we got offered a magnificent view!

The Phantom was played by Brad Little - the same Phantom whom I saw when I was a kid 9 years ago ^^; Christine by Claire Lyon; and Raoul by Anthony Downing (; Their performance was simply awesome ^^

A beautiful programme booklet was given to all VIPs and I managed to grab a few Phantom merchandises before the show started~

I was envious over those who could go to the musical with their families and partners >< Many families and couples were queuing to get a photo shot with the PTO backdrop. All the daddies, boyfriends and hubbies get to hold onto the Phantom mask as prop while all the mommies, girlfriends and wives get to hold onto the red roses; and there I was, going awwww with my friends :p I wished my boyfriend would’ve accompanied me to the show instead at that point lol!

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