Pirates in Love - [Wedding Above the Clouds?! To a Country of Magic with Him] Event Jap GREE

「Someday… I’ll help you put it on」 - Hayate / Russell

「If you do not know the words…I’m going to teach you plenty with the body」 - Shin / Eduardo

「Do not let go of my hand, from now on and hereafter」 - Soushi / Christopher

「I’ll be near beside you, even if you can’t see it」 - Nagi / Nathan

「I will always look after you in future」 - Towa / Thomas

「The partner of you proves to be only me」 - Ryuga / Morgan

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    Russell&edurado: *me…O_O Christopher, thomas and nathan: oh sooo sweet (o//_//o) And then theres morgans: …ur so big...
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